Toro Risk
Bullish on the Future of Healthcare






Wholesale Capabilities

At Toro, we believe that collaboration can be essential to progress. For this reason, Toro welcomes partnerships with insurance agencies around the country, and we take great pride in our relationships with many of the top healthcare brokerages throughout the US.   

Once a partnership is established, Toro works only collaboratively, never competitively.  

Retail BrokeragE

Toro Risk brings its vast experience and partnerships to help physicians and healthcare systems secure the best in risk transfer strategies. Sharing risk is quickly becoming a tenant of healthcare delivery.  Before risk can be shared, it must first be understood, managed and properly aligned among all interests.  Toro helps our clients understand how to protect themselves and responsibly turn liabilities into assets.   


Toro serves as a consultant to the medical professional liability insurance industry, and can help professional liability companies grow, even in these challenging times.  

Toro Risk has strong and deep relationships throughout the professional liability industry, which allow it to find and seize opportunities.


Working with Toro has allowed us to quickly expand our access and our network, and leverage our unique capabilities on a much larger scale.