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In 1978, scientists from a small, nimble company were in a race with industry titans from top medical institutions to create insulin.  Thanks to their ability to move quickly to seize opportunities, these scientists created the first molecules of recombinant insulin in a test tube, and would later receive one of the most lucrative patents ever awarded.  That company was Genentech.  

The Healthcare industry continues to undergo drastic change, requiring providers and consultants to be more dynamic and innovative than ever before.  Unfortunately, regulatory and corporate frameworks often prevent companies from adapting to rapid change – causing fragmentation among different industry sectors.

Insurance is no exception.  Though the government, the payors and the professional liability insurers have created virtually identical requirements of providers, there are no universal platforms to satisfy them all.  

Toro seeks to change that.  Using its access to vast capital and resources, Toro combines its nimbleness and relationships to benefit its clients.  

Historically, providers have not looked to the liability insurance industry to solve their greatest challenges related to governmental mandates and reimbursement.  With Toro Risk Consultants, now they can.  

Brian Kern



Toro Risk –
Bullish on the Future of Healthcare


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