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Risk Retention Groups


Toro’s founder has written extensively on the “risk” of risk retention groups (RRGs) for years.  Despite these warnings, many physicians have elected to insure with RRGs without performing proper due diligence.  As predicted, the industry has seen many RRGs perish – leaving countless physicians responsible to personally handle and fund all or portions of lawsuits that the RRGs promised to cover.  The RRG industry remains perilous.  

The RRG industry has, however, evolved.  Now, a handful (the total number far exceeds 100) of RRGs have proven that they not only have the financial wherewithal to survive, but the flexibility to flourish.  In fact, many of the largest and best-funded “admitted” insurance companies use the RRG model to insure some of their most complex risks.   

Choosing the right RRG requires a high level of specialized knowledge.  Before reaching out to an RRG, reach out to Toro.

Ellie Kibbe